Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"I happy"

It was another crazy morning in our house today. Casey has been working 1st shift 2 days a week for level 1 trauma training and the rest of his shifts on 3rd. Needless to say, our schedules and routines have been a little "off balance." Today was a 1st shift...he usually takes Lily to school every morning or he has the day off, but not lately. As I was rushing around early letting Jake outside, getting Lily milk, feeding Jake, taking a shower, putting make-up on, making Lily breakfast, blow drying my hair, washing Lily off, getting dressed, getting Lily dressed, finding her a binkey so that she would let me comb her hair, putting on her shoes, and letting Jake out again, I was thinking about how I miss our old routine. I'm not used to doing that much in the morning!

Then, on the way to daycare this happened:

Lily: Momma?

Me: What honey?

Lily: I happy!

Well...that little sentenced made me is going to be a happy day :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lily is TWO...

Lily is two. I don't know where the time went (or the summer for that matter) but my baby girl turned two on August 19th. If you ask her old she is, she will hold up 4 fingers and yell TEWWWW!
On her actual birthday, we took the day off work and had a pizza party out on our pontoon boat. It was an awesome day of swimming, sun, pizza, presents and of course, cake. But, that day didn't hold a candle to her birthday party with family and friends. In fact, when you mention her birthday (or anyone elses, you just have to say the word b-day) she will hold up 4 fingers, yell TEWWWW and yell BOUNCE, with YoYo (Lo Lo or Laura, her cousin) and Ky (her other cousin, Kylie.) We gave her the best gift ever for a two year old. We rented a princess bounce house for three days. She could have cared less about presents, food, cake or me for that matter! In fact, I had to deflate the bounce house to sing and eat cake and open presents. She was crying part of the time for both...all she wanted to do was BOUNCE with her twenty little friends and cousins.
It was a party fit for a princess...and she LOVED it! I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!